Thursday, March 19, 2009

I made it!!!

Okay,so I posted this message yesterday and now I can't find it.

This is my precious Bobby. My husband and I made it through the day on Tuesday. I had a few good cries and then rejoiced the rest of the day. It was a somber day.

On another note... My three boys have strep throat and the flu. They run all day long and as soon as the sun goes down they are misrable. Oh to be young.

Last night at church, a few friends of mine sang a song in memory of Bobby. They did a good job. Of course I cried, along with a few others. They sang a song by Brad Paisley and Dollie Parton, "When I get where I'm going". If you haven't heard it, you should. It's a powerful song for those who have lost someone.

The local news paper did an article on Bobby's murder(it's still unsolved). I want to lift up my husband for the way he handled himself during the interview. I am so proud of you.

Until next time... Probably later today!!!

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